Boo Its Halloween. The witches and ghosts are flying everywhere. Its time to send wishes to your friends and family. Choose from variety of Halloween greetings, messages and poems.
10/21/2014 4:05 pm
Count your prayers and blessings too,
For the scary spooks are out to get you,
It's no point trying to flee or run,
'Cos the harder you try, the more the fun!
The more you're scared, the less you'll be spared,
Halloween is here, beware!!

Try to catch some spooks!!!
10/20/2014 8:00 am
Do you pray before you go to bed?
Do you like the colour red?
Do you believe in witches and potions?
And spooks that fly across oceans?
Have you heard the ghoulish weepers?
Have you ever felt the jeepers creepers?

I’m sure Halloween never scared you, right??
The moon courts the lonely night,
It’s time for the spirits to delight,
What’s the fun if you ain’t scared?
Do you think the werewolves were spared?
The ghosts will be themselves, scary and glum,
To make you feel queasy like a complete bum!
Catch the spooks! Have a “spirited” Halloween!
The Monsters Ball begins tonight,
They’ll howl and scream and give you a fright,
Here lonely spirits will whisper again,
And send scary chills down the spine.
When the moon rises behind the clouds,
The thirsty vampires will be on the prowl,
To hunt out people with blood so sweet,
To make Halloween a complete treat!
Set up a midnight date with the vampires this Halloween!
10/17/2014 8:00 am
The creaking doors and whispering winds,
Have brought with them the dread of spirits,
Spooky hollows and lonely nooks,
This night they sport deserted looks,
For one and all they know for sure,
The spooks and spirits lay traps to lure,
So keep safe and trick the spirits,
And treat yourself to some scary minutes!
Have a great Halloween!
10/16/2014 8:00 am
The season of fear is back and near,
The werewolves will come and say “Hello dear”
It’s no more fun to be alone,
You can never say when the spooks are home!
Keep the lights on and bring on the treats,
Its time to get spooked again on Halloween!
Get a wild scare on Halloween Night!
10/15/2014 8:00 am
The spooks have set their eyes on you,
The ghouls have found a prey so new,
The creeps will be on their way too,
For Halloween is here to scare you.
The spirits shall rise in tandem again,
So beware when you step out my friend,
Keep the faith till we meet again.
Have a scary Halloween!
10/13/2014 4:06 pm
Beware! The rising spirits are here again,
To spread the dread and haunt you, friends.
They come to strike fear, far and near,
In the hearts of men and women dear.
The spooks, by and few, are out to get you,
So beware this Halloween,
The spirits'€™ visits are long due!
Have a spooky Halloween!
10/13/2014 7:34 am
Monsters and demons with pumpkins heads,
Lurking in the shadows and under your beds,
Will be waiting only for this moment and night,
To keep you guessing and topple you with fright,
Because it’s that time of the year again,
When scary monsters with freeze blood in your veins.
Be scared! Halloween means spooks :)
Spooky nook wears a new look,
The season of fear is scarier than books.
So when the moon rises behind the clouds,
You will hear the werewolves howl,
The ghouls and zombies will step out,
To make merry, scare and shout,
So beware and be safe without a doubt!
Trick the spooks this Halloween!